Free Acousic Supergroup

(EUPH 029)

Wadada Leo Smith - trumpet
Axel Dörner - trumpet
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky - alto saxophone
Urs Leimgruber - tenor & soprano saxophones
Oliver Schwerdt - grand piano, percussion, little instruments; electric organ
Friedrich Kettlitz - voice
Michael Haves - double bass
Barre Phillips- double bass
Christian Lillinger - drums
Günter Baby Sommer - drums

Kantate pt.i
01 Im Strahlen der Trabanten (1’46)
Phore I (2-5)
02 Spridriger Feuertunkel, Taffft! (2’33)
03 Globalhirtenrider: Eyes & Gliss (2’54)
04 Streichprafater, Zug von Zungenstuhl (4’37)
05 Graben jetzt!, alle auf nach Stoirihondur, neun kleine Feten geh’n… (5’46)
Kantate pt.ii
06 Versandete Trompeten (1’39)
Phore II (7-8)
07 Zarte Klaster drüber Winde ’steh’n (Quintett No. 1) (7’03)
08 Conference At Olli’s (Black Music GDR) (4’55)

Kantate pt.iii
01 Am Baustrand (2’09)
Phore III (2-4)
02 Briedwaht, Kleiheuer, Stuff (Zeitungszeugen lesen heuer Körner) (4’36)
03 2 Trios In The Street (Microphistical Klee der Raben) (6’54)
04 Throughout The New Mississippi Freedom Train, Mister Borgenthal Jumps Into The Rhythm Of Tastoraster In Gloria, Calms Down And Finally Vanishes (4’24)
Phore IV (5-7)
05 Chiclin Berago (von Axelleo da Schmidt-Wödarner) (3’41)
06 Garten Rüben oben, Stoirihondurando zehn (8’35)
07 Langer Brueder Feitendarm? (American Successfully Amplified) (7’23)
Kantate pt.iv
08 Klonkern, wieder Ulmanach (1’31)
Phore V (9-10)
09 Morning Hours Without Rice, But Rice (Haschbender Russenkatze) (5’38)
10 End Of the Night, Enlighted Days Beyond (The Golden Trio’s Todeshymne) (11’25)
Kantate fin.
11 Orgel-Laib am Bein (0’56)

Guess this Free Acoustic Supergroup as a masterpiece between the early large units of the E U P H O R I U M _ f r e a k e s t r a (soundz offfe drzk wähuh, 2001) and the later (2007: Free Electric Supergroup, 2016: Grande Casino). Besides it’s big appearence at the opera house in 2009, august 29th, for the Leipziger Jazztage anounced as Transatlantic Freedom Suite Tentet the ensemble made, one day later, it’s deeply creative encounter at the legendary club called naTo. All anounced by fairy-tale-like nomes de plum now we can listen to a fabulous music adventure realized by a unique constellation of central figures from the improv scene fed on four generations. Listen to Oliver Schwerdts collection of bloomy yet conceptionally strengthened pairings of Christian Lillinger & Baby Sommer, Urs Leimgruber & Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Barre Phillips & Michael Haves, Axel Dörner & Wadada Leo Smith! Above the musical experimentatorship we all are invited to get drunken by the playful and outstanding language of a celebrating actor-speaker Friedrich Kettlitz.

Format: 2-CD
Price: 34,99 €
ISBN: 978-3-944301-59-4

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